Not dead yet :P

2013-02-04 11:41:07 by bcdefg123

I haven't been active much here lately, but hopefully that won't be the case for the entire year. Just some updates on what I AM doing:

- My website ( is continuing to grow with stuff both new and old. All the tutorials I've done in the past two years are up in the Tutorials sections. The new Extras section contains random things, one of which may be of interest to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire fans.
- As for game development, I have finished a small game called Peter Tefft Saves The World, a nice little arcade game reminiscent of Mechanical Ice Apocalypse in both style and difficulty. The reason it's not on Newgrounds at this time is because I'm planning to expand it in the distant future. It currently contains 10 waves of enemies, but 50 would be a good number for release here. Plus a few bosses.
- Project Nightfall has been canceled. In place of that, I've got a (smaller) idea swimming around in my head, but nobody will likely hear a thing about it until summer. And that's a favorable estimate.
- My current game project is Jack's Run ( mingSoon.html ), a collaboration with my brother and at least one of his friends. The game is a platformer which has been in development since September. Overall progress has been slow, mainly due to some 'fun' health-related issues I've been dealing with, but it's still on my mind. Currently the engine is undergoing a rewrite to fix performance issues. Ideally, that's mostly done, and then I'll get back to making levels again.
- I'm currently in the process of releasing my first Windows 8 app. However, it's kinda useless to go into detail about it here because it'll only be relevant to perhaps one or two of you who read this, if that. But the implications are what's important here: I can likewise turn future HTML5 projects into apps.
- I'm picking up Unity for one of my classes, and I really like it so far. So much that perhaps it may supplant Flash as my preferred game development software someday.


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