It's been a while

2014-06-07 15:05:36 by bcdefg123

It's been around six months, so I SUPPOSE it's time for a new blog post.

I've become as active on NG as I was during my peak a couple years ago, minus not having really submitted anything yet (there's been one piece of art, but I'm not counting that). But I have been lurking in the Game, Movie, and Art portals, occasionally reviewing when I care to, reporting bad reviews, bad flashes, etc. Who can say if I'll actually submit a game, although I will say I've given up on Flash for most types of games and am investigating Unity (particularly Unity Javascript) for my next game. Or maybe I should just call it a concept right now, because that's really all it is.

BTW, if you want to see what a team of six people including me did for our final game class, look here:

It's not perfect, but it does indeed have its moments. (The screenshot on the site is ONE spell - you can get really impressive wide-area effects in the late game).

Anyway, things have been slow for me on a lot of non-important tasks because I've been trying to get off of some stupid anxiety medication, which basically amounts to going down a little, feeling worse for a couple of days, getting better, going down again, feeling worse, getting better... repeat. But I am at the end of it now, and although I could still be doing better, I'm also better off in some ways too. In a month or two things should definitely settle down what with all the med changes and then I'll know where I stand.

I did graduate college last December, and I do have a great job now (not in game development - I never really wanted that). Also planning to move to an apartment this summer.

So I guess I'm like, my own person now or something.


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2014-06-28 20:42:58

I admit that I have not followed (or met) you before, but it's great to hear you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, congrats about graduating college and getting a great job! I'd like to inform you that I'm halfway through writing an RPG inspired by FirstFantasy. Thanks for the inspiration!

bcdefg123 responds:

Haha, what a neat surprise :) I wish you luck.


2014-07-25 14:43:34