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NG Mature Thumbnail Filter Chrome Extension

Posted by bcdefg123 - November 9th, 2014

1/1/16: Happy New Year! Updated the extension to 1.1.6! Fixed the options page, apparently it was just plain missing for two and a half months.

Introducing the unofficial (of course) NG Mature Thumbnail Filter Google Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/newgrounds-ma-filter/phchlhgfejopgcopjdndleaohemaddim

What is it?

This Chrome Extension filters M and A rated thumbnails from view according to your specifications. You can choose which ratings to filter and which pages to filter them on. Any flagged thumbnails will be replaced with the NG M or A icons.

What it is NOT?

The extension does not BLOCK any content. You can still get to all content by clicking the filtered thumbnails.


Perhaps the biggest problem I've always had with NG is the ease with which M and A thumbnails are shown on the website - even the main page in the case of M rated stuff. This problem was remedied a tiny bit with the redesign a couple years ago (at least it seemed to me), but it's still a problem, and there's no account options to get around it presently as far as I'm aware of. So I looked at this as a good opportunity to mess around with Chrome extensions. I made this fully aware that many would not require or want such a thing, and maybe I'd be the only one to ever seriously use it. But maybe this would make taking a quick peek at NG during work safer for some of you, I dunno :)

So what all does it do?

Here's a full list as of now:

Can filter thumbnails from M and A rated content site-wide (and if there's a page that isn't covered, it's an error and I should probably know about it). Additionally, you can choose to filter thumbnails based on content type (Art, Movies, Games) or rating (M or A) via an extension icon in the omni-bar or whatever Google calls it.

Places a warning on playlist pages that there is currently no way to tell what playlist content is rated from that page and you should proceed with caution.

Anything else?

Remember that all NG content is user-rated, and this means that the extension is not going to be effective if somebody submits a mature thumbnail for a E or T rated entry.

Also due to the nature of the extension, all blocking occurs after the page is fully loaded. If you have a slow connection, the blocking may not be instantaneous once you go to a page.

Lastly, since this extension relies on the website being exactly how it is right now, any changes that the staff make may break the extension. But I don't expect any serious changes like that until another redesign.

Extension preview

Comments (9)

I think this is an awesome idea for an extension. Offering an ability to block smut but still keep that content available to those enjoy it; everybody wins.

Hopefully NG officially incorporates this in the future. Can't tell you how embarrassing it feels to potentially have the risk of seeing some furry porn in public on a laptop while trying to enjoy all the actually cool animation/games on the rest of the site.

Yeah, NG having a true sitewide filter would be great. I don't even care one bit that it would invalidate all the work I did :P The ones in the portal aren't even that great... they tend to reset themselves an awful lot.

This works awesome! Did you make this?

Yes indeed! Glad you like it.

Cool, it works. Now I can browse NG in school without having the constant fear of the librarian watching what I'm doing through their remote monitoring system thingie.


I have a gut feeling that something like that may still trigger an alarm bell, though, if they cared to investigate :P Glad you like it.

Show this to Tom. They should integrate this into the website!

Glad you like it. With this post on the front page for now, I think there's a good chance that the staff will see it today. If not, yeah, I'll let Tom know.

Almost instinctually called out "but Newgrounds already has this" unless this works on videos even before you visit pages like http://www.newgrounds.com/movies or http://www.newgrounds.com/games with the rating icons on the top right. If the thumbnail gets blocked by default with the extension, imagine this would be a nice convenience plug-in for people who don't like M or A rated thumbnails

Yes, this is designed to work on every page of the website where thumbnails are shown. The portal browse pages (like http://www.newgrounds.com/games/browse) do have filters, but they are unreliable at best. They tend to reset themselves between visits. If on one visit I block M-rated content so just E and T stuff show, it might still work other times in that visit, but when I come back the next day, M-rated content will be shown again. Also, unlike the portal filters, this stuff leaves content on the page, but just the thumbnail is blocked. So, you could still view names and artists for content. So maybe you find something M rated by some artist you like (but don't follow for some reason) or something that just sounds interesting and decide to check it out despite having the thumbnails blocked. With the existing portal filters, you'd just miss it completely.

I use FF but still consider this as usefull and convenient :) Very important for NG, if it should lead to a more respectable plattform for creators in this digital-art-times

@TomFulp This is pretty cool.

He's seen it already :) Thanks for the endorsement, though!

Did he like it?

Yep. He said they're considering 'things like that'.